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Amy Wu, MS, LMFT

(she / her / hers)

Amy is a Taiwanese American Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose areas of clinical focus include:


  • Reconciling intergenerational and intercultural hurt

  • Promoting values-driven living

  • Reclaiming identities


photo by Anjali Pinto

Who Am I?


A client of mine once used an analogy to describe her internal experience: "I feel like my mind is a cluttered room, and I'm trying to unpack and organize these boxes lying around, but people keep coming in and bringing in more stuff that piles on top of what's already there." My client and I built upon this analogy together in many of our subsequent sessions: When others knock on her door with a package, she can check to see if the package is addressed to her instead of automatically accepting it. Once we started filtering out the incoming packages that did not belong to her, we were then able to start sorting out the existing contents with more clarity, focus, and effectiveness.

As your therapist, I honor the immense privilege it is to be allowed to join in the private, intimate spaces in the rooms of your mind. I prioritize doing my own work so that I can enter into your rooms unburdened without adding my stuff to your space. To this day, I continue to share this analogy with my clients to highlight the importance of checking the packages. This means that we work to distinguish between what belongs to you and what doesn't. When we take more accountability for what's actually ours and separate that from what is not our responsibility, we also feel an increased sense of freedom, empowerment, and agency in our lives.

My goal is to help my clients experience an alternative way of being, individually within themselves and relationally with those around them.

What Do I Do?


Session Fee

  • $225 for initial evaluation

  • $185 per 50-minute session

Currently Accepting

  • Private pay

  • Northwestern University Student Health Insurance (NU-SHIP)

In Person & Telehealth

  • Secure online video platform

  • Appointment reminders

  • Online payments


Say Hello!

My books are currently closed and I do not maintain a waitlist.

This website will be updated when I have availability

to meet with new clients.

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